Party Treasury

Party Treasury

Latest Treasury Division: 2/24/13

Each party member receives:
178 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Gems: 0gp (0 gems)
Party Money Pool:
190 gp 9 sp 4 cp
Gems: 4000gp (25 gems)

Items were sold in Wheatley’s Rest. This is the division of those proceeds.

Additionally, the large amount of Onyx gems were also sold and/or traded for more usable gems.


This amount has been added to the Party Fund Pool below.

The following is a list of items and bulk cash that the party has collected. These items have not been divvied or disbursed. Their location is listed next to the entry.

Nicola is currently the party exchequer (accountant). She is responsible for the ledger (and Sara will give the DM updates so this page can be modified as the money sums and equipment change.

Below is the party slush fund. Nicola is also currently carrying the bulky items on her horse, unless otherwise noted or stated.

Value Item Notes Weight *
2pp Platinum - 0.04 lb
58gp Gold - 1.16 lb
200sp Silver - 4.0 lb
600cp Copper - 12.0 lb
*Standard coins of the realm weigh 1 lb. per 50 coins.
Value¹ Item Notes Weight²
33gp Gems Tower/Half-Ogres .09 lb

Value¹ Item Notes Weight²
0gp - - 0 lb

Value³ Item Notes Weightº
1319gp All Gear Orcs/Tower 298 lb
2080gp All Gear Half-Ogres 343 lb
Surplus Magic Items
Value³ Item Notes Weightº
0gp - - 0 lb

Total Values/Weight

Item Value Weight
Gems 33gp¹ .09 lb²
Coins 86gp 17.2 lbs
Goods 0gp¹ 0 lbs
Equipment 3399gp³ 641 lbsº
Magic 0gp³ 0 lbsº
Total 5097.88 658.29 lbs

¹As Trade Items, gems are equal to their actual value in trade. If one sells a gem in exchange for cash, they suffer a 10% exchange rate. Goods can be sold for full value, depending on the market and the available buyers.

²Note the weight of gems is a generalization. For the average type gems, 100 gems equals a pound. This does not consider the carat value or quality value of individual gems, but for our purposes does include gems that are small and average in value. Such are the typical gems found for use as a Trade Item.

³Equipment and Magic Items can generally be sold for 50% of its listed value, depending on the item and market.

ºAdditionally, some Equipment (and the occasional Magic Item) have a bulk value that further encumbers whoever is carrying it.

Party Fund Pool
These are the coins and gems set aside for party use, as well as goods that will not be sold
Type Value Notes Weight
Money 221gp
- 4.42 lb
Gems 4003gp 25 gems 0.25 lb
Goods 0gp - 0 lb


Party Treasury

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