Father Gilbar Fredericks

Inquisitor of Kwyrth




Inquisitor Gilbar Avid Fredericks was born to Earl Sir Godwin Fredericks of Jerrett, Lord of Hound’s Run and Lady Angelica daughter of Baron Avid Chaesound of Le Fleur. The Lady Hounds Run was in labor for over two days. She never fully recovered and passed into Kwyrth’s hands four years after. His Father remarried a year and a half after the funeral. The new lady Hounds Run Lady Elizabeth was from The City, The Capital at the Dam. She took well to Gil and was a very loving step mother. A year and a half after that, at the age of 7 Gilbar became a proud and protective brother of Godwin David Fredericks II a strong and full sized young boy. When Godwin became six Gilbar was, at lady Elizabith’s protests, disowned as first born in favor of Godwin. As now “Second Born” Gilbar was fostered to the Church. At the Grand Primus’s urgings entered into Kwyrth’s service now 12. Four years later at a funeral service, we adopted the dead women’s son. He was good with a bow and an excellent driver and orienteersman. A few years later Gilbar rescued a Beastman from a mob in Sinclair.

Father Gilbar Fredericks

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