Timberwrights Guild

Timberwrights’ Guild

TimberwrightsParty per fess gules and argent, an oak tree eradicated proper.

The timberwrights guild has a monopoly on commercial logging. Timber rights are held by landowners, who are free to cut timber for their own or vassal’s use, but only timberwrights may sell timber for profit. Timberwrights obtain licenses from the landowner for stumpage fees averaging 10% of the selling price – it is generally a serious offence to cut trees without such license. Some timberwrights obtain lumber from wilderness areas, but this involves higher transportation and security costs. Most timberwrights operate a sawmill, where logs (timber) are sawn by hand into planks (lumber) of various dimensions. Timberwrights main customers are woodcrafters, shipwrights, masons and charcoalers. Miners have the right to cut their own timber, but often employ bonded timberwrights for their expertise.

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Timberwrights Guild

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