Tavis Journal 4

Tavis – Journal Entry 4
On the Road Again!

So it sounds like Brother Cal is the long lost prince and his sword shows that he is the rightful heir to the throne. But he lost the sword in the battle and the necromancer has it and has ridden south with it.

So, we must set out and try to retrieve it. For what ever reason, Brother Cal can’t join us and it is just us new adventuring lot of four that will chase down a high powered necromancer and pry this mighty sword from his cold fingers (after killing him, unless he kills us first).

He has an advantage with the summoning of magical mounts and ridding them till they die and then summoning another one. We press on as fast as we can but know we are fallowing behind. And then we meet some monks on the road and the party is compelled to help them. We are set back even further on our pursuit.

When we finally help them to their destination of Blathe Thorpe we find that a noble child have gone missing and offer to help retrieve him, or at least his remains. This leads us to a cave and a fight with a huge bear. Our little team is able to kill the bear and become the hero’s of the town since the child is the grandchild of Lady Edna. She invites us all to dinner and I become fast friends with her. I must say, I missed the life of being a noble. The fine dinner, good wine, hot bath and soft bed are comforts that I had almost forgotten. Life is good again and all the troubles of the adventuring life melt away, even if only for one evening with a little bit more wine than I have afforded myself in many months.

After a fine evening there we gather our group (the others didn’t sleep in the noble house of course) and ride to Fallowdown. Fletch is immediately arrested and we are set up. The local Captain Rolland douchebag Rowellyn wants us to do his dirty work and blackmails us into it.

When we find out that the bridge across the river has been closed and the Necromancer must have been delayed we realize that we have caught up with him. The bridge has just been opened up this morning and he now only has a couple hours on us. Fletch goes to plead our case to Captain Douchebag but is beaten for his efforts. The rest of us are still allowed to leave and Fletch will try to carry out the Captain’s dirty work without us.

It was a long road to get here, but we are finally back on the heels of the Necromancer.



Tavis Journal

Tavis Journal 4

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