Tavis Journal 3

Tavis – Journal Entry 3
Adventuring Sucks!

Ok, this could have been the title of my last journal entry, seeing that there were a couple sturge that sucked the blood and strength of our good fighter Nicola. But since I didn’t get hurt at all, I didn’t really think that is sucked. Now I’ve been cut and hurt and I realize that adventuring sucks! I’m fine with it being dirty business sleeping under the stars and having to wash monster blood and gook off my face, but almost getting killed sucks more than I expected.

After making it out of the cave we back tracked and followed the real tracks of the brutes that we were hunting. We finally heard them up ahead cutting down trees and sent Jacob ahead to scout it out with her great stealth. Turns out that she didn’t have great stealth and she came running back with a train of bad guys chasing her. I dropped three of them with a sleep spell and the party set into a decent fight. I rained stones upon the heads of the orc and goblins and even summoned in a celestial eagle to take three more of them out. I was feeling like the king of the adventuring world. I wasn’t doing a body count to compete with my adventuring friends, but I was rather pleased with the success of my spells. Only one of the goblins got away from us in the battle.

Poor Jacob was nearly cut in half during the fight tough. I saw Cillean had used some magic during the battle to staunch her wounds and save her life. After the battle we had a little party disclosure session. It turns out that Jacob has boobs, Cillean is a druid, Fletch is a bard that can’t play or sing to save his life and I like to use my magic a little bit more loosely than the academy would like. Looks like Nicola is the only one that didn’t have any secrets to disclose. It also appears that having boobs doesn’t make Jacob any more attractive to me.

We followed the makeshift road the brutes were making and got to the ruins of a tower. Feeling pretty cocky from our recent battle success we decided to circle around the ruins and find out where the goblin ran to and how many friends he had. This was a bad idea. There were goblins, orcs with javelins, zombies and a spectral hand of a necromancer that delivered wicked spells. Brother Cal was nearly killed, Cillean was hurt and running scared, Jacob was messed up and retreating fast with what what left of her life and me, Nicola and the dog Titan were getting swarmed by monsters. I had the chance to run for it, but stayed in harms way to try to get the others out. Stupid. I burned through a scroll to summon a horse and drop a grease slick to delay the bad guys. It was shear heroic luck that a spell from the necro hand didn’t actually do any damage to me because it probably would have killed me where I sat on the back of my phantom horse. Nicola got Brother Cal on the horse and we ran as fast as we could.

We didn’t know where Cillean had run off to and ended up taking a couple hours to find out way out of the forest and back to our new camp. Everyone had suffered serious damage in the fight except for me and I was still enamored with adventuring despite out rousing defeat.

The next morning we were all feeling much better and headed to Buckhorn to deliver the body of the apprentice and let Lord Buck know about the necromancer in his forest. Lord Buck was a great entertainer and delight to be in the presence, unlike most of the other nobility that I recently dealt with in Fallowdown. He even got the crotchety old wizard to pay the reward for returning his dead apprentice.

Lord Buck got Sister Mercy to accompany us back to the ruins to deal with the necromancer and we headed out the next morning. We took a different route to the tower and snuck up to the only door. In went our fighting crew and the hacking and slashing started. There were more zombies and orcs and goblins inside and the fight was vicious. Our party was taking a beating but they were dishing out more than they were taking.

Then the worst day of my life unfolded. I checked behind a curtain and found two orcs running down the stairs towards our parties flank. I summoned in my celestial eagle to slow them down, but underestimated how long it would take to get him into combat. They were on me and slashed me open with a mighty stroke. Blood splattered across my vision and then everything went dark. This was nothing like a shaving cut, this was enough to make me consider the academic life of library research. Fortunately for me, I was standing next to Sister Mercy and she was quick with a healing spell to save my life.

The battle was soon wrapped up and while we had been cut into ribbons, everyone had survived.

In the basement of the ruins we found the prisoners that we were looking for and fortunately for Cillean his cousin/girlfriend wasn’t yet turned into a zombie.

We did discover something amazing here at the end of the ruins. The necromancer had fled, and he had taken the sword that Brother Cal had dropped when he almost died two days before. We discovered that Brother Cal was really the prince in hiding and that sword is the rightful sword of the king, his claim to the throne!

Turns out that I had saved the prince with my summoned mount and grease scrolls just two days ago. Getting nearly cut in half still sucks big time, but having a hand in saving the prince is a rather epic tale, at least if I can tell it properly without focusing too much on all of us running for our lives after getting in way over our heads in combat.

Maybe I’ll keep trying the adventuring life for a bit longer and just try to stay well out of reach of mean people with weapons…



Tavis Journal

Tavis Journal 3

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