Tavis Journal 2

Tavis – Journal Entry 2
Beaked Mosquitoes That Explode Like Fu3king Melons!

Cillean the Cael tribesman assembled a small group of us to help him out by finding his lost family members. In addition to this odd tribesman and myself there was Hyacinth with the thick accent and odd manners, Nicola the cute fighter that is surprisingly strong and Fletcher of the great looks who knows every dirty joke ever told.

We agreed that we would set off the next morning and ride out to the north and the Principality of the Golden Reaches. Knowing that I am currently in the service of the the Barron of Fallowdown and that Valexia Barrows “The Ravens Spike” wanted me to investigate this raid, I set out to get a horse for this adventure.

The guards in the castle were less than helpful in letting me know where the Barron’s stables are but eventually I asked the right question and was on my way to the stables. When I got there I let the stable master know that I needed a house for official business. He was quick to give me a lot of grief and tell me that he didn’t really care what I needed and that even if I was a big shot wizard and maybe I could kill him with a word but he wasn’t going to help. I pulled my weasel familiar from my cloak and offered up that I could turn him into a weasel instead since I’ve been told by the academy that killing commoners without just cause is a very bad thing. Amazingly enough he became much more corporative at this little joke.

He brought me into his office to fill out the proper forms and apparently called the guards because of my offer of transmutation instead of death. The guards took me back into the castle and asked me to wait while they got the Valexia. Once again, the Raven was busy and couldn’t talk to me so the next morning she sent a knight wizard by the name of Alcamedius to talk about the proper way to acquire a horse and the lack of humor when it comes to transformations. After assuring him that I understood the importance of not joking about magic he let me know that they were giving me my own horse. The horse came with a silly name so Kez and I renamed him Stonewall in honor on his great strength and the crazy delay in getting him.

I meet up with the rest of the party and we headed out of town, a little later than originally planned.

After several days of travel and Cillean making his face blue we got to the ruins of Shepherd’s Rest. There was a monk by the name of Brother Kolumis working on building a new church when we got there so we talked to him and found out that he knew where the attack was. He was willing to go with us to try to find the people that were taken and help out.

We went to where the attack had happened and found some old tracks and followed them into the Goblin Woods. The tracks that we were following apparently injured themselves and started leaving a bloody trail. It came to an intersection in the trail and we followed the bloody trail hoping that they were on the right track. This trail led to a hole in the ground and we all scaled down into this cavern. We were attacked in this cave by some flying critters that both attacked Nicola. One attached to her back and the other to her front. I ran up and shot the one on her back with a crossbow bolt fired with my favorite cantrip. It exploded like a mellon and splashed blood and goo all over the place. It was great! Nicola was able to kill the one on her front and we explored the rest of the cave.

It turned out that an apprentice by the name of Tavrow that was lost from Dawn Keep was the bloody footprint and he didn’t fare as well with the massive misquotes. His dead body was at one end of the cave. We brought his dead body and spell book out of the cave so we could return him to Dawn Keep and collect the reward for his recovery. Hopefully the wizards that he was apprenticed to would reward me with a few spells for returning his spell book, but I know that the penalty for stealing the spells wouldn’t be even close to worth the punishment I would incur.



Tavis Journal

Tavis Journal 2

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