Tavis Entry 1

Tavis – Journal Entry 1
Free From School / Summer Vacation!

Finally, I am out of the wizards academy! That was the longest 9 years of my life. My parents saw my talents with the arcane arts while I was at the young age of 7 and made special arrangements to enroll me at a young age. The academy was a fun and wonderful world, a world filled with too many rules to ever learn all of them. The most important rule is that you must use your magic responsibly, and within this rule was a perfect example that Burning Hands is not a party trick.

Once I completed my Wizards Gauntlet on the third attempt (this apparently is a record within the school) I received an assignment in Fallowdown under the Raven. The academy provided a coach and an escort to see me into this amazing next stage of my life. The coach ride across the country into the furthest southern section of the kingdom. This was the most of the country that I have seen since my trip from my family estate to the academy so long ago.

Once we got to Fallowdown me and my porter meet one of the Cael tribesmen who asked us about news from the road. I let him know about the few things of interest that I saw out there including an attack on a group of inquisitors. He offered us an ale if we would sit down and talk to him more about what we saw and listen to his request for help. The possibility of getting out of the city and seeing the world was enticing and since the academy was very strict on the drinking of ale I was eager to enjoy a pint or two in a tavern and having my first one paid for was a deal worth the unusual company.

I had the porter deliver our package and checked in with The Raven. I let her know about raid and the guy wanting my help. Since she was very busy and didn’t have time to figure out what to do with me she said that I should go and look into the raid.

I returned to the tavern and met back up with the Cael tribesman. He was putting together a group to go and rescue his family member that was potentially captured in the raid. It wasn’t much money but it was a great excuse to get out of the city. The last thing that I wanted was for the Raven to find desk work for me to do and keep me confined to a tower in the city, so I jumped on the chance to get out of town.


Tavis Journal

Tavis Entry 1

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