The Order of the Spellblade

SpellbladeThe Spellblade is a rare and prestigious order of martial wizards. The practitioners are chosen for their unique intellect and physical prowess at a young age, and taken to the Glimmerhult high in the Merlin Mountains of Rötbaum for their initial training. The candidates, as stated, are chosen by the masters of Glimmerhult, and the Order has a zero-tolerance policy regarding petitioners who wish to study at the Tower. All requests are summarily refused, and any who attempt to pursue the issue become blacklisted, somehow shunned by other magical Academies and organizations. Woe be it to the foolish wizardling who attempts to bribe their way into the the Order.

Needless to say, the Spellblades are highly valued by Princes and Noble Lords alike, and just as Tower Trained Wizards, they are usually never free to travel and adventure, but instead are stationed or placed (by the Order) to serve a liege (usually alongside the liege’s Tower-Mage). It is up to the Spellblade order to determine which rulers shall get a newly seasoned Spellblade, and the placement is usually political in nature. As the Order has a prejudice against bribery and the like, it is not possible to “buy” or even “rent” a Spellblade, and any such attempt by a ruler also garners the blacklist.

As part of the Spellblade’s training, they spend their first few years of their careers becoming battle hardened, learning battlefield tactics from a Master Spellblade, on the front lines of whatever war or conflict might be ongoing at the time. Many young Spellblades are lost during this period, and although possible, it is rare that any are returned to life. All in all, the result of such vigorous training means that a newly placed Spellblade comes to her liege a seasoned veteran and experienced war-councellor.

Spellblade symbol

The Symbol of the Order of the Spellblade is the Watchful Eye – the eye that observes and oversees, patiently scrutinizing the battlefield (whatever venue it takes) and then skillfully executes a cunningly laid out plan.

Crunch: Spellblades are an NPC order of Magi, and use the standard Magus rules, with no optional builds available.


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