Shipwrights Guild

Shipwrights’ Guild

ShipwrightsAzure, a lymphaid, sail furled, proper.

Shipbuilding is one of the largest manufacturing activities on the Isle. Every port, large or small, has one (and only one) shipyard operated by a freemaster of the Shipwrights’ Guild, most of whom are highly respected and prosperous members of their community. A master shipwright is fully qualified in the arts of vessel design, construction and outfitting. His shipyard, depending on size, may produce anything from large sea-going ships to small river craft. While their monopoly does not cover rope, shipwrights usually produce the best cordage and cable. Metal fittings are sub-contracted to freemaster metalsmiths, or made by bonded metalsmiths in the shipwright’s employ. Most master shipwrights are bonded to the freemaster holding the local franchise; some are bonded as ships’ carpenters.

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Shipwrights Guild

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