Shepherds Rest

Shepherd’s Rest

Located 8 leagues south of Buckhorn, Shepherd’s Rest gained its name from the legendary song of the lowly shepherd who fell asleep for twenty years after drinking from a faerie spring, only to awaken with a great white beard and sorrow in his heart. Other local legends tell of a group of shepherds who were slaughtered by brutes, and their flesh cooked in with the lamb to make a vile stew, which to this day the brutes love to eat. In any case, the village of Shepherd’s Rest was completely wiped out over a decade ago. After a group of heroic adventurers defeated the brutes that had made it their home, civilized men braved to rebuild the village. Unfortunately, the War destroyed the village once more, and there are officially no current efforts to rebuild it.

Recently, it has been discovered that a lone faithful monk is building a shrine and hostel in the ruined village, and intends to make the place his home, welcoming all travelers and pilgrims.

Principality of the Golden Reaches
Kingdom of the Lake

Shepherds Rest

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