Seamans Guild

Seamans’ Guild

SeamansParty per fess engrailed argent and azure, an anchor proper and gold.

Persons hiring a ship’s crew generally do so from the Seamans’ Guild. If the guild cannot provide enough hands, unguilded labour may be used on a temporary basis. The ranks of the guild are: deck boy (DB), ordinary seaman (OS), and able-bodied seaman (AB). Promotion to the next highest rank requires a minimum of two years sea-time in the current rank.
Because a seaman does not always serve on the same vessel throughout his career, when he is discharged from a ship the captain must report the details of his service to the local guildhall. When enough sea-time has been acquired for promotion, he will be promoted to the next highest rank at the discretion of guild officers. Seamen bear a unique tattoo on their left arm signifying guild rank. Throughout the civilized societies, the guild has persuaded most civil authorities to punish the bearing of a false tattoo with amputation of the offending limb.

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Seamans Guild

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