Principality of the Golden Reaches

Principality of the Golden Reaches

Golden reaches crestThe Principality comprises all lands southwest of Finsdale. The monarch of the Principality is Baron Sir George Grant, Regent, who is respected for his military wisdom, and his kind treatment of his vassals. He holds the seat until the rightful heir, the Young Pelham, attains his age. Grant is fair although taxes are steep due to the reconstruction efforts after the War of the Horned Lord.

The principality covers the south-western portion of the Kingdom of the Lake, with the exception of The Barony of Fallowdown, the furthest-reaching city in the Kingdom, and a small region around Finsdale. The principality’s borders are ambiguous at best, and Baron Grant’s efforts to control the Brute issues continue mostly in vain. With the current disarray of the rest of the country, and no firm military support from the King, there is little the Baron can do to eliminate the problems.

Holdings of the Golden Reaches

City of Pelham

Town of Buckhorn Hold
Town of Hillhouse
Town of Castle Grant

Village of Snivelyville
Village of Redtree
Village of Corwyn Keep
Village of Rustford

Hamlet of Runyon Hold
Hamlet of Traphouse

Stormhouse Ruin
Shepherd’s Rest Ruin

Woodpass Manor
Capton Thorpe
Swamp Hollow

Other Locales

Arman Wood
Bronner’s Wood
Goblin Wood
Goblin Marsh
The Badlands
The Fox’s Lair
Loring Mine
Demon Rock
Golin River
Wyvern Wood
Waverly Moor
Cap Mine
Therin Mine
Loring Mine
Barbarian Buttes
Vault of Kamurin Valdaar
Brekart’s Tower
Bekus’ Pit
Ruthâs Urük

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Principality of the Golden Reaches

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