Kingdom of the Lake

This map is a work in progress.

Kingdom of the Lake

The greatest military kingdom on the Shimmering Isle is also known as Lakeland.

Governed by the Usurper, Prince Hugo after Beneficent Good King Mark, Regent of Lakehold, was murdered.

Hugo Finsdale was King Mark’s Squire and somehow has a strangle hold on The City of Lakehold, also called Dam City, the Kingdom’s Seat. The Kingdom of the Lake is a vast kingdom, which ordinarily boasts thousands of knights in service to the King. Now the Kingdom is sundered, rife with civil war. The kingdom gets its name from the great lake that was created centuries ago by damming the Great River Glamer. It is said that the dwarves spent decades building a great dam, which is now the current City of Lakehold, a city contained entirely within the majestic Lakehold Dam.

Regions of the Kingdom of the Lake