Kingdom of Cael

The Kingdom of Cael

CaelThe Caelic civilization is the oldest on the Shimmering Isle, predating recorded history. The original tribes, according to legend, were of the Baruth, the most ancient and revered of ancestors. The Seitsmen race of today shows traces of the primeval lineage, and are the indigenous race of the land. Not even modern Caelts can track their own history, for much of it has been lost due to the rigid persecution of the old ways. Barutheran ruins, cairns, holy sites, henges and many other crumbling bits of architecture remain, and as time has advanced, only the myths and legends remain.

The Caelic People

Description: The clash between the Caelic Pantheists and the Sect of the Earth, followers of Gaea the Earthmother, a small but strong band of faithful who worship in secrecy.
Description: A few names to use as a resource.


The Lands of Shimmering Kingdoms

Kingdom of Cael

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