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Significant Items

Party Magic
Description: An effervescent faerie concoction.
Possessed By: Flit, the pixie

Description: Finely crafted bastard sword with a large polished onyx stone set into the pommel.
Possessed By: Nicola

Description: Darkwood shield of Caelic origin. The honored image of the Earthmother is burned into to face.
Possessed By: Cillean

Description: A special mushroom harvested by faeries. Cure for hangovers and other nauseating conditions.
Possessed By: Cillean

Description: A very fancy scroll or map tube, affixed to a shoulder strap. It is amazing what Tav pulls out of this thing.
Possessed By: Tavis

Description: The birthright sword of the King of the Lake.
Possessed By: Tavis Until its return to Brother Calumbais

Description: While this platinum ring sheds warm light from the inset pearl, its true value lies in assisting a researcher by gently guiding the wearer to just the book he seeks.
Possessed By: Fletcher

Description: Heavy kidney belt which helps with the load the wearer carries.
Possessed By: Cillean

Description: A lucky coin that detects the presence of magic.

Description: A Magyar shortbow of excellent craftsmanship, with a limited enchanted for heightened accuracy.
Possessed By: Hyacinth

Description: An evil book detailing Necromancy magic.
Possessed By: Surrendered to Spellblade Valexia Barrows

Key Items

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