Innkeepers Guild

Innkeepers’ Guild

InnkeepersAzure, a bordure sable, a thistle proper. The usual practice is for innkeepers to place this symbol in a lower corner of the inn sign.

Innkeepers have a monopoly on the operation of Inns, and on the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. Most inns brew their own beers (they do not travel well) but food, wines and spirits are generally imported. There are actually two levels of guild franchise: Inns and Taverns. The latter are more numerous, but they are not supposed to offer sleeping accomodation, or serve hot meals, distinctions which are much abused. Most inns have an ostler’s establishment adjoining, but few taverns provide this service. The ostler is either bonded to the innkeeper or operates his own franchise in partnership.
Inn and tavern prices depend mainly on the location and clientele served. Typically, a pint of ale, cider, or mead will cost 4-5cp, as might a cold meal of bread and cheese. But a hot bowl of soup or stew, served with warm, fresh bread may cost as much as one penny. Meat roasts and other luxuries can be purchased in the better inns for 5sp-1gp per serving. Accomodation prices (per night) range from 2sp for a soiled strawbed in a crowded dormitory, to 5gp for a furnished and spacious private room. Prices usually soar during local festivals and holidays.

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Innkeepers Guild

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