Cillean Journal 4

Helping others who cannot help themselves

My dear Fiona is heading west with Sister Mercy and Brother Calumbias to find the fate of her uncle and father. At Brother Cal’s urging we are following the necromancer south to retrieve the sword that Cal dropped while rescuing Fiona. I do not understand why Brother Cal cannot come with us if the retrieving of this sword is so vital. Since he helped me with rescuing Fiona I will help retrieve his sword although I think this task may end up being the far more difficult.

Necromancy is certainly a powerful and evil force. We have discovered that our foe is conjuring spirit-horses and then riding them until they die. That and the need to assist those too weak to assist themselves made it impossible to catch up before he reached Fallowdown.

First we met four holy brothers on the road between Cerrett’s Rest and Red Hold. We escorted them to Blathe Thorpe where they planned to bury one of their elders. It was uneventful but served as a reminder of how the new religions are unable to take care of their own and expect others to bow and inconvenience themselves or else “fall in disfavor”. It is like a moral taxation of which I’ll never fully understand. Again a “brother” of the new pantheon needing assistance and a druid having to come to their aid.

When we arrived in Blathe Thorpe there was a child that needed rescuing from a bear’s lair. The bear was mighty but the Earthmother Shield protected me from harm. That evening we were invited to the manor house for dinner and thanks from old Lady Edna where she spoke of her fondness of Caels and her visit there as a lass.

In the last week I have been in front of lords and nobles from Fallowdown to Buckhorn to Blathe. Even the wizard traveling with us is Noblesse. They each act very differently but insist that they are the same in regards to being superior to us common folk. As a Seitsman and a Cael the subtleties of court and etiquette escapes me. In fact the names and titles all become a blur in my mind to the point where I think of them all as a single inexplicable “Man”.

At long last we approached Fallowdown but were forced to clear the road and stand in a field while some royal passed by. It happened to be Lord Osbert who is the husband of Lady Edna. He was being escorted by knights and they forced all “commoners” to leave the comfort of the road and stand in fields at least 50 feet away. Apparently this is not Lord Osbert’s requirement but rather some man in Fallowdown had ordered it. I am not sure who “The Man” is but it seems unfair that because of our status we cannot even remain on the road.

Once we reached Fallowdown we befell more ill-luck. A corrupt guard captain accused Fletch of stealing 30 silvers and locked Tavis, Jacob, Nicola and myself up as accomplices. He required that we do his bidding for him or else lose a hand as if we were common thieves. We tried asking for higher-ups within the political structure of Fallowdown to judge upon our guilt or innocence but apparently that doesn’t work when you are at the bottom.

We agreed to the captain’s blackmail solely because we had no other option from “The Man”. Later that day Fletch went back to express that we were on an urgent quest that affected all within the Kingdom of the Lake. He came back badly beaten but had persuaded the captain to allow the rest of us to continue our quest southward while Fletch did his bidding this eve.

Now we head to the stone bridge to continue our chase of the necromancer and to retrieve the sword.



Cillean’s Journal

Cillean Journal 4

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