Cillean Journal 3

Necromancy at Brekart’s Tower

I saved Fiona – all else is unimportant, albeit interesting.

I led our group south through the Goblin Woods in search of where the Brutes had taken the captured.  At this point I was traveling with Nicola, Tavis, Jacob, Fletch, Brother Calumbias and his dog Titan.

When we heard guttural mutterings ahead on the trail Jacob said he could scout ahead to find out exactly what and how many we would be approaching.  We all learned two things from that.  Jacob’s idea of “quietly approaching” includes blowing a whistle.  Even more surprising – Jacob is a woman named Hyacinth.  With “her” secret coming out and because both she and the dog needed healing I admitted to the group that I could cast a few spells.  Of course I did not tell them of my druidic nature.

During the combat with the five goblins and their orc leader Nicola almost cut the orcish brute in half with a single swing.  Her strength is like the grizzly.  Tavis slung spells that were quite effective – putting groups of goblins to sleep and summoning an eagle that devastated three brutes in a matter of seconds.  Although we were victorious one goblin escaped.

More lessons learned this day.  Lengthy retribution can indeed do more damage than good.  When you fight you and win you best kill all your enemies because one survivor escaping can turn the tides of future battles.  Lastly, if you are out-matched it is definitely better to flee and return another day with additional forces!

Thinking back on what my Mother told me, I am glad I did not rally a war party to hunt the Brutes when she was killed.  Of course during the raid on Ferret Hold the right thing to do is defend thyself and kill as many brutes as possible. Even chasing the fleeing brutes to weaken them is wise. However unending retribution would have perchance killed those that later rescued Fiona from the inquisitors.  Lengthy retribution is not how Gaea would have things.

We eventually found Brekart’s Tower.  Our approach was disastrous because the escaped goblin had forewarned his allies and we were sorely defeated.  While I was fighting goblins something evil and unnatural struck me with fear.  I’ve never encountered necromancy before but surely it must be the ultimate offense to Gaea.  Uncontrollably I ran with such dread I could think of nothing until many minutes later when I was winded and lost deep within the woods.

I eventually returned to Shepherd’s Rest and shortly later the rest of the party returned.  Apparently they all barely escaped with their lives.  Brother Calumbias was unconscious and near death but my healing powers were able to revive him.

So we trekked to Buckhorn Hold to request help from Lord Sir Buck DuCorbin. They were quite gracious and provided a feast. Lord Buck seemed like an ordinary man and was quite likeable. Suzanne seemed displeased with Lord Buck but I couldn’t understand why. They introduced us to Sister Mercy of the Holy Staff.

Although I was concerned about having a holy worshipper of the new gods along I could not turn down an offer of a healer. At the time I was disappointed and would rather have had a half dozen pikemen. I was wrong though – Sister Mercy is a potent healer who once healed everyone in our party in a single instant. Including myself! It seems either she or her god does not discriminate against the druids of The Goddess and I chastise myself for my initial prejudice against her.

Upon returning to Brekart’s Tower our group was much more successful. We rushed their barracks and everyone within our team fought bravely and well. Jacob/Hyacinth shot arrows within the dark unerringly into our foes and amazingly not once hit one of us.

In exchange for the help of Brother Calumbias I had agreed to assist in building his chapel. He has requested that instead I help retrieve his sword that was lost during our first attack on the forsaken tower. Of course I have agreed.

I am not sure what the future will bring but my path currently lies with Brother Calumbias whom I just learned is Prince Mark.

It is a tragedy that this necromancer killed my Cael brethren and if our paths cross I will avenge them. But for now I am just rejoicing that I saved Fiona!



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Cillean Journal 3

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