Cillean Journal 2

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Cillean – Journal Entry 2
Trip to Shepherd’s Rest

The last few days have been a slow march north from Fallowdown to Shepherd’s Rest. I’ve gotten to know my fellow travelers a little better, but not truly well enough to say I trust them with my secrets. I am very grateful that each of them has agreed to assist me with my quest. It’s with heavy heart that I must lie to them about Fiona being my cousin but I fear that if I told them she was just a friend I frequently see at druidic festivals they would never agree to join me.

A man named Fletch surprised me by both joining our group and by being so very friendly to myself and everyone. He recognized the woad and seemed both unafraid and accepting. I’m not sure how helpful he will be in a fight but he’s certainly pleasant to have around.

We stopped at Dickon Hold for the night. I made a terrible blunder by allowing a local guardsman to taunt me into fisticuffs. The guard was ignorant and hostile and his attempts at verbal cruelty made me think a pummeling might do him some good.

It was a truly foolish thing to do and Jacob rightfully bellowed at me the next day. The guard was a moron and only wanted to fight me because of my looks. What could I possibly have gained by fighting him? If I had given him a solid pounding is there any chance he would change his ways? What is worse is he pulled steel and attempted serious harm upon me and I had to resort to magic to defend myself.

That was a huge risk of bringing the wrath of the inquisition down upon me because of a lowly guard, his ignorance and my poor judgement. On the other hand I must wonder what that guard will do to the next person he does not like the looks of. That lowly guard was intent on cutting me with his dagger or forcing me upon spikes. I was unarmed and if I was a commoner without magic I would have been gravely hurt or worse. I fear for the next unwitting innocent that happens upon this guard of Dickonhold.

I’ve learned my lesson and next time will go quite differently.

Further along the route we stopped at Dawn Keep. I found a gypsy merchant named Zelda that purchased two of my bone-carved art pieces for 3 gold each. She says she will happily buy more from me in the future also and was quite knowledgeable of woad and all things exotic.

Finally we arrived at Shepherd’s Rest and met a monk by the name of Brother Calumbias. He is not of the inquisition and strikes me as a person with secrets in his past. He agreed to join our troupe in exchange for later help in building his small chapel. Normally I would not agree but this is for Fiona’s safety so I have no choice. We do not know how many brutes there may be and the more strong arms on our side the better.

We tracked into Goblin Woods but so far have only found a cave with a dead boy in it. Hopefully tomorrow we will have better luck.



Cillean’s Journal

Cillean Journal 2

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