Bekus' Pit

Bekus’ Pit

The following was overheard at the Inn of The Rose, in Buckhorn:

“Well, I have never been to the Pit. I’m content to stay here where it is warm and safe…and ale is within easy reach. But people have told me tales of the place over the years.  They say it is an unwholesome hole in the earth from which emanates a faint moaning. The Pit is easy enough to get into—just bring some stout rope. You can get some at Tennor’s store down the road. The Pit is pretty much a small series of caves, although a dwarf told me he thought some areas showed signs of having been worked at one time. It’s dark, so be sure to bring some torches. You can get them at Tennor’s as well.”

“Bekus was a curious sort of man and he was the first one to find the Pit. The second one to find it…well the second man anyway, was the guy who found Bekus’ remains.”  

The pitBekus’ pit is within the Goblin Wood within a league of Shepherd’s Rest. There is a rough path that leads there, which makes it rather easy to find. The trees around the hole look somewhat scruffy and even a bit diseased.

Bekus’ Pit shows signs of being an ancient Barutheran ruin. It has a stone circle around its entry pit, and there is a plaque set into the stone of one of the walls, in the first chamber after dropping down into the pit itself.

The plaque, should one decipher the ancient Barutheran, reads:

Baruthean plaque

Below treads the passage, and the passage is fell.
Only the Chosen Ones may pass.
All others who walk the line shall be cursed,
Till the end of their days.

Bekus  pit session4

The rest of the complex has not been fully explored in recent times. The body of a young apprentice wizard, Tavro. Tavro was the student of Shan Rivers, the Tower Wizard at Buckhorn Hall.

To the right is a map of the sections of the pit that have been explored so far.

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Bekus' Pit

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