Friendly Acquaintances

Tamara Finkle
Tamara Finkle inherited the Groggy Stop Inn when her husband, Phineas Finkle was mysteriously killed seven years ago. Their daughter Felicia (age 16) and their son Finn (Phineas Jr.) (age 12) help their mother run the modest inn. Tamara has hired Fletcher as an entertainer, as well as a lookout for trouble. In exchange he is given room and board. He is quite witty, and can usually talk down anyone wanting to cause trouble.
Most believe that Tamara and Fletcher are lovers, despite the age difference. Nobody dares ask them outright, and neither Tamara nor Fletch bother to quell such rumors.

Melchior Slevish
Junior Master Slevish is a barrister contracted with the Fallowdown Guild of Litigants. He is a nebbish who is given many unsatisfactory clients, and usually acts as a public defender of sorts. He knows his position, and he knows that he rarely wins a civil case. His experience with the lords has been a bit more positive, although due to his low status in the guild, he rarely is allowed assignment to such cases.

Neutral Acquaintances

Flit, the pixie
Flit is a warrior pixie and leader of the Boonwood Clan of wood pixies. The Boonwood Clan are caretakers of their small demesne, and are fiercely territorial. What they might lack in size and power, they make up for in tenacity and stealthy pranking. Flit is the boldest of these faeries, and is known by his wee folk to have contacts throughout the sidhe realms, and thereby quite the informed little pixie.

Sir Gabriel
Sir Gabriel is a Norlunder Knight in fealty to Baron George Grant, Regent of Pelham and the standing Prince of the Golden Reaches. Gabriel is a tall nobleman, who is staunchly loyal to his liege.

Hostile Acquaintances

(These may become enemies at a later date)

Captain Roland Rowellyn
Rowellyn is a Captain in the Fallowdown militia, posted at the Bailey Gate Gaolhouse Station. He is a heavy-handed man, who has no qualms giving pain and suffering to those who are in his charge. Criminals deserve no mercy, or so he believes. Roland is a Waelish nobleman, yet he is no knight and holds no titles. He is a bitter and hateful man, with no where else to go, and no position to rise into.

Other Acquaintances


Familial Acquaintances