Magyar Vándor

weapon (ranged)

Magyar is a type of composite shortbow named after the Magyar horse archers of Southern Rötbaum.

Vándor means ‘wanderer’ in the tongue of the Magyar.

This Old Magyar Masterwork composite short bow is made of five materials. Softwood; a glue made from fish air-bladders, called halenyv (fish-glue); sinew; horn and bone. The core is shaped to accommodate the grip, two flexible “karok” or “arms”, and two “szarvak” or “horns” at the ends of the bow.

It is crafted to accommodate a strength score of 16 (+3) to wield.

Additionally, it has been enchanted, allowing the wielder to enable one spell to affect an arrow, giving it remarkable accuracy. This ability is usable twice per day:

Upon uttering the command “törekszik” (seek), the bow enchants the next arrow fired with a +20 insight bonus, and the firer is not affected by the miss chance that applies to attackers trying to strike a concealed target.

Activating this magical effect requires a standard action.

MW Composite Shortbow 375gp
+3 Strength 225gp
true strike spell SL1/CL1
Command Word
2/day 720gp
+1 bonus to Survival checks while tracking +100gp
Total 1420gp

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, true strike; Cost 1420 gp


Magyar Vándor

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