Lucky Finder


This is a small brass coin, emblazoned with three wheat sheaves, is enchanted to alert its user to the presence of magic. It functions by humming audibly in the presence of magic.

The item normally responds to the general level of magic in an area; as a standard action the user may concentrate to change exactly what it senses.

General: The item responds to the general level of magic within 60 feet of it, ignoring its user, his equipment, and that of any creatures touching him. If it is not moved for 5 rounds, the indicator changes to indicate the strength of the aura (the hum intensifies). After 10 rounds, it indicates the school of magic that is most predominant (the pitch changes to match the frequency of the magic detected). If the user ignores the item for 5 minutes, it reverts to this mode. Note that it cannot be turned off, which can be a hazard for users attempting to be stealthy.

Closest: The item now reacts to the source of magic closest to it, assuming there are any within its range. If focused on the same source for two or more rounds, it begins to pull slightly in that direction. It gives more detailed information the longer it is concentrated on one source. If focused on the same aura for 2 minutes (20 rounds), the user may make a Spellcraft check to determine the exact spell in use, as detect magic.

Strongest: The item reacts to the strongest source of magic within 60 feet. As above, the indicator gives the user information about the location and nature of the magic if kept focused on one source.

  • Additionally, this coin acts as a good luck token. Once per day, the user of the Lucky Finder may activate the item, granting her a +1 luck bonus to their next single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.

The item to be enchanted must be worth at least 50 gp, and the creation of the magic detector consumes spell components worth a further 25 gp.

Faint divination; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, detect magic, guidance; Price 1,425 gp; Weight —.


Most spellcasters prefer not to make magic detectors, as they remove one of the great advantages casters have over those who cannot use magic. However, a caster might make herself one in order to avoid having to regularly cast detect magic, or for use by her followers against rivals; such items may find their way onto the open market or be found in treasure hoards.

Lucky Finder

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