Librarian's Guide


This platinum ring, with a freshwater pearl setting, is useful when used in a library and conducting research. The wearer focuses on the information sought, and the magic in the ring gently guides the wearer to the proper tomes.

The Librarian’s Guide bestows a +2 insight bonus to all Knowledge Skill checks when researching, such as in a library, if the library covers a specific skill.

Additionally, the time it takes to perform research in a library is cut in half. Normally, one would typically spend 1d4 hours to perform research.

Particularly complete or extensive libraries may grant their own bonuses to the Knowledge skill check.

This ring is useless for any application of the Knowledge skill outside a library or other venue where research can be performed.

Additionally, upon command, the ring sheds a soft light in a 5’ radius.

Faint divination; CL 3rd; Forge Ring, locate object, light; Price 1450 gp.


Librarian's Guide

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