Earthmother Shield


This +1 Darkwood shield when worn, in addition to its defensive properties, slightly blends into any natural surrounding or shadow, bestowing a +1 enchantment bonus to Stealh skill checks. Additionally, having been in the possession of so many druids over the ages, it has attuned itself to the ways of nature, and the wearer is given a slight insight to the ways of nature, granting a +1 enchantment bonus to Knowledge (nature) skill checks.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Guidance; Cost 1457 gp

Darkwood Shield 257gp
+1 enchantment 1000gp
+1 bonus to Stealth checks +100gp
+1 bonus to Knowledge (nature) checks +100gp
Total 1457gp

This well-dinted shield has been in the possession of a Caelic village elder for as long as can be remembered, passed from mother to daughter for generations, the druidic spirit of the lineage strong within the line. When druid Roîsîn Merrick had no daughters, but an only son, she was dismayed. But the spirit of Gaea was strong in her boy Cillean, and his affinity with the wintry southern gales was evident even when he was but a lad. Lying mortally wounded by the arrow of a Brute attack, Roîsîn bestowed her sacred shield to her son, begging his promise that he would enlighten the non-believers rather than seek petty revenge for her death.

Earthmother Shield

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