weapon (melee)



Masterwork (+2 to hit, +1 to damage) bastard sword

The pommel stone is enchanted with a spell which makes the weapon undetectable to magical detection and scrying spells. Anyone who wields the sword (must be grasping the hilt to be affected) is likewise protected from detection magic.

The sword itself is not magical.

Requirements Sword: Craft (weapon smith); Stone: Create Wondrous Item, undetectable alignment; Cost 1,435 gp



This heirloom item was crafted by Nicola Day, with the help of her father, Master Smith Roald Day of Ferrett Hold. The sword is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship in and of itself. The pommel stone is an onyx hemisphere which Douglas Day had been keeping for a special project, and decided to place it in the sword he helped his daughter craft (although he did most of the work on the piece). The onyx stone had been payment for a prior purchase, and neither the person who used it as payment nor Douglas had any clue it is magical (its property will foil all attempts to discern its properties). Once set into the sword, the magical stone (its origins unknown) bestow its abilities to the weapon and any who hold it. Wearing the weapon in a scabbard does not confer the property of non-detection to the wearer.

The stone is set in pewter filagree.

On her first mission out of the country, Nicola accidentally bent her sword. She immediately returned to her father’s smithy where he insisted she repaired it herself, teaching her a lesson. Nicola repaired the weapon with such craftsmanship that the blade now holds a particularly sharp hone, bestowing it a +1 Masterwork damage bonus.


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